#WordStrong courses can help make you 1 John 2:14 strong!

In the desert, the children of God were fed daily manna—food to help them grow, to sustain them, to strengthen them. He wasn’t just taking care of their physical needs: God was demonstrating a spiritual truth every single day He sent bread.

Just as we need food each day for our physical health and growth, we also need “food” to help us grow spiritually! You see, we all start out as children in our spiritual journey. And, just like a child, we need the right foods to help us mature out of childhood into adolescence, adulthood, and beyond. 

Growth and maturity are meant to be lifelong processes. 

That’s why we’re passionate about equipping every member of our Northwest family with the right tools—or utensils—to feed themselves straight from the Word of God, our source of spiritual nourishment. When we can feed ourselves from the Bible with a right understanding of what it says to us and how that should impact our lives, we are headed for true spiritual growth and maturity.

So how do we learn to feed ourselves? For a start, check out #WordStrong, a special class with Pastor Mark Trotter! Together, we’ll learn how to dig into the Word and discover ways for us to connect with God, grow in our spiritual maturity, and strengthen our faith muscles.

The Book of Revelation has been shrouded in mystery for a good portion of the church age. Many through the centuries have even suggested that this Book of the Bible be avoided because of the depth and mystery of its symbolism.

As Pastor Mark explains in this verse by verse exposition, however, there is actually very little symbolism in the Book of Revelation, and certainly nothing that isn’t clearly understood by employing the principle of comparing Scripture with Scripture (1 Corinthians 2:13). Avoiding the study of the Book of Revelation is not an option for God’s people. To do so would cause us to forfeit the blessing promised in Revelation 1:3 for those who read and hear the words of this Book and apply what they hear to their lives!

This study will let you know…

  • What time it is on God’s prophetic clock.
  • How to “rightly divide” the Book of Revelation.
  • How to interpret the last 2000 years of church history.
  • How we know to expect a pre-tribulation rapture.
  • How we know to expect a pre-millennial return of Christ (Second Coming), and
  • What to expect in eternity.