The Revealing

An indispensable commentary of the book of Revelation and relevant prophecies found in the Bible.

You will find a clear and concise explanation for all of the key prophetic passages in relation to the book of Revelation and the end-time scenario.

This book will enable you to expand your knowledge of biblical prophecy and provide you the ability to understand them and the importance of them in these last final days. Also provided are useful charts and appendices to further develop how it all fits together.

In these last days it is important to get back to the Bible as our key source for learning and to make sure we are preparing ourselves for what is soon to come.

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52 Weeks of Pursuit

This two-volume set is an in-depth weekly guide from Genesis through Revelation containing doctrinal insight that will inspire and challenge you in your faith. 52 Weeks will benefit the new Bible student as well as the Bible scholar. A perfect companion for any church, small group, or individual that desires to cultivate a pursuit of God through the pages of His word. 

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